Le Vertige was founded in 2001 in Greece, designing and producing exclusively women’s apparel./p>
It’s a multi branded company, whose main focus was and still remains to provide everyday clothing with a luxurious touch that are value for money. Le Vertige targets a wide range of women with different needs and lifestyles.
Moreover, over the past decade, the company has succeeded in developing a wide network around Europe, South America, Middle East, Asia and Africa.
We have managed to sustain a group of very successful and loyal partners that have been working for the company for years that successfully manage to overcome the global challenges the company faces daily, with success.
Moreover, we are proud to say that all the products are designed and manufactured in Greece, from top quality textiles and materials, gathered from all over Europe.

Le Vertige Woman

Le Vertige woman has multiple personalities.

She is the contemporary woman, the mother, the wife, the career woman, who lives in a fast paced environment and choses our brand, in order to be attractive, elegant and comfortable from day to night.

She is sure of herself and wants to project that with her sense of style.

White 22

White 22 was created in 2016, and speaks directly to women that need to feel polished in an effortless way and at the same time maintain competitive prices. The collection’s every detail is crafted carefully with the finest materials, so she can feel special and unique.

The label can be found in selected stores throughout Greece. In the near future, White 22 will also have a place in the European market.


We experienced the creation of this completely new collection as a dream.

Refreshing the style of the woman who knows how to dare and she walks with head all up high in the sky… knitting went through our DNA.

It is about a collection with plenty of design, different styles, vivid colors and the belief that everything is made with love is a well travel piece!

The scenic story of THEATER D. began and we feel happy to hold every piece of it!

Feel the experience!